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Planters: Two Spots Café. Swords, Co. Dublin

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It was absolutely lashing out of the heavens when I put these planters together for Aoife at Two Spots Café in Swords and whilst our Irish rain [it’s wetter than you think….] might get some a little down, one really has to give credit and take some inspiration from any business that tries to make their punters smile that little greater amid the January blues.

Hand made with aged, rustic if you will timber, painted and branded; I decided upon a hand picked select choice of [not bedding] plants that would last the full year through, throwing out a trickle of colour as the seasons pass. Bearing in mind, this being the starting month of the year, one can gather [see image above] they have yet to show their true colours, if you’ll pardon the cliché.

The plant list used included Vinca minor [blue periwinkle, ground cover], Armeria maritima [pink/ purple low growing], Acorus gramnineus Ogon [golden foliage], Cytissus x kewensis, Prunus laurocerasus [I know…. 😉 ] and Rosmarinus prostratus [blue flowering scented], to name but a few.

Planted and arranged on site and it being for Two Spots Café, who also hand roast their own beans, I made sure to mix some used coffee grounds through the new compost.

Two Spots Café,
Boroimhe Shopping Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin
Phone (01) 8902861

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