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At Your Service, 2013. RTE. CASA Garden.

rte at your service, garden 2013

Updated: 27 Dec 2013

pictured above [L-R]: John Brennan, Peter Donegan, Mark O’Loughlin, Amy Cooney, Francis Brennan and Séan Keoghan. Not pictured (and very much missing) Séan and Francis Redmond.

peter donegan garden

In 2010 I made a garden with The RTE At Your Service and The Waddell Media team. Approximately 3 years later the call came through to help out again.

Of note, I did not make this garden all by my lonesome. Far from it. I was merely one pair of hands as part of a very large team of volunteers.

From a final finished garden I should note, that not one got paid for their services here and also that all products and paraphernalia were donated. It’s funny trying to make a garden when you have absolutely no idea what you are going to be able to put into it. It’s all good 😉

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At Your Service – To The Rescue.

RTÉ One. St Stephen’s Day – December 26th 2013 @ 8.00pm 

update to follow

at your service, rte garden 2013

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