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This is possibly an odd one for this landscaping blog, but it’s also a nice one and somewhat related to the business that is Donegan Landscaping. Before I go any further, I drive an ’05 Saangyong Rexton, I’ve never owned a new vehicle and being the compost covered chariot that it is, no bride to be has ever requested I give her a lift, to get her to the church on time.

Online, Ssangyong had been yapping about their new sparkly Korando Sports that I thought was pretty darned sexy looking if I’m honest. And after working through the wee hours one night, standing beside my shiny on the outside – photosynthetic on the inside vehicle, I sent them this wee note:

ssangyong twitter

To my surprise an email came in the next morning with this opening line:

Hi Peter, my name is Eoin, I look after the press fleet for SsangYong Motors Ireland. You came to my attention through your cheeky tweet asking for a free vehicle!

Here’s how Eoin explains what happened:

ssangyong korando (2)

It took me a while to get used to the UK’s 2013 tow car of the year 2 litre turbo diesel engine if I’m really honest and it was only week 2 that I copped that I could connect my iPhone to the built-in car stereo and blue tooth and that with the flick of a button that my seat warmed up…. an absolute dream for this sometimes damp bodied landscaper and a measure of just how Class-A a machine it really is.

Fair to say, if Michael Knight did landscaping, then I was him, if even just for the short time I sat inside the Korando sports.

From a working perspective, I chose for no apparent reason to take it without the roof that covers in the boot and tool carrying aside it was a real luxury having the option to offer more than one person a lift. Further. I also loved that I didn’t have to sweep the carpet that lined the inside of my work horse – in  this case I could power wash it down – and more than that, that it was well capable of taking a bit of weight whilst still remaining an absolute dream to drive. Dash boards not rattling at speeds nearing 100km/ hour takes a little getting used to I suppose, for me anyway.

The big Q I guess is, would I drive one of these instead of the fully enclosed model I do at present. In the morning.

ssangyong korando (3)

Pictured below the Ssanyong emblem that sits inside the front front head lamp of the korando sports, just a wee taster of their attention to detail.

Further info on the delight that is the Ssangyong Korando:

In the meatime, cheers lads. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy that. Also, apologies to the lads who usually do valet from the press lads. Fair to say, I gave the outdoor vehicle a real road testing 😉

ssangyong korando (4)

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