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Back Garden Revisit. Howth, Co. Dublin.

irelands eye garden view

This was a garden that I got to revisit some years after I gave it it’s first garden makeover.

Before I go any further, that in the distance you might just be able to recognise as the view of Ireland’s Eye.

Back to it and as with all gardens some maintenance is required. And logically and obviously some require it a less or more than others.

What this space needed was a few minor edits and though I’m hesitant to pat myself on the back too often a little of King Midas’ ability. Smart garden owners do that. ie. Maintain it enough by themselves to keep it looking good and then get a little extra added tender loving care thrown in, just for good measure. A fresh pair of eyes and hands to gloss the place over if you will.

A little additional planting, a few new spots to new pebble, some timbers replaced, some additional mulching, a litlle fertiliser, a little repaint and et voila ! Like as if it had just been brand spanking newly landscaped for the first time, in the future.

Reasons why I don’t mind working in the rain ? I get to make things outside pretty-er 😉

Of note: The original garden makeover

howth landscaping

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