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Childrens Sand Pit, Dublin

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If you are gonna do a sand pit for the little ones in your house and garden there really is only one way to go. In that I mean you get one that they simply do not want to get out of and also one that will last outside in the delightful Irish weather that we have inherited.

This was built as one part of an overall garden build, but it is one that I thought might be of interest on its own merit. More, one that might just get you thinking a little outside of the box, so to speak.

A lot like the thinking behind sinking a trampoline, this variation will cost you more than the flat pack type products out there. But, if you want an addition to your childs play area that will last 10 – 15 years easily plus, then this is the only route to go. Equally as important, it looks pretty darned good when it’s not in use as when it is. 😉

In the outdoor garden children’s ‘sand pit’ department there are, generally speaking, 3 variations available to you.

  1. A wee little desk top type size affair enough to run a tiny tractor around in.
  2. A flat pack set up that lies flat on the ground, sizeable enough to fit a small child or two into
  3. Hand made. Purpose built.

I’m taking one of the larger Argos sand pits as a comparable, just to give you a gist of what I built in this garden. The following is what they note as their vital statistics:

  • length 90cm x Width 90cm x Height 12cm
  • Capacity 60kg of sand

In comparison, the following are the vital stats on what I built in this garden:

  • Length 1885cm x Width 2405cm x Heigth 410cm
  • Capacity 2000 kg

childrens sand pit

Since making this the following are some factors to consider:

  • I’m told, cats like sand and the lid or a cover is imperative.
  • Though it is cheaper, builders merchants type sand does not work.
  • It tends to bond together and is a sharp grit to the feel
  • I used a screened, washed and treated ‘play sand’
  • The pit is made of wood – you will need to preserve/ paint it
  • Play sand is usually sold in 15kg bags
  • This sand pit took 2 tonne – or 2000 kg – or 133.33 bags

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