Best Great Outdoors Blog – Finalist

I very honestly don’t believe I’ll ever win a shiny thing for this blog. That’s not some tale of woe played to a backdrop of violin soundings. More, it’s always been there, there abouts since I started writing it way back in 2007.

The thing is this landscaping blog really isn’t a blog, for blogging sake. It’s more what I do that is related to the business that is Peter Donegan the horticulturist, great outdoors lover etc and/ or Donegan Landscaping and the gardens I make. And I think it’s better for all concerned I stick to what I am best at.

In short, if I am busy outside, or there’s been snow for an elongated period of time, I may not or indeed I may have some time to put some notes and images up here.

Nonetheless, it is very much an honour to be noted up there with the very best of them. And it did make me smile. I like smiling. 😀 And thanks you for reading. And for being very lovely.

Official quote on making the final cut:

Always great to make the Irish squad

Also of note, I’m listed up there with some other really great great outdoors blogs, namely:

peter donegan garden blog

Others than didn’t make the final listings, though I like them very much include:

Also fair play to Agriland for dipping their hands in their pockets and sponsoring The Best Great Outdoors Blog.

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  1. Lorna Gannon
    Lorna Gannon says:

    Hi Peter, the very best part of these Blog Awards, for me, has been the exposure to what everyone else is doing. The character of the writer shows through in each very individual blog. So well done to you … and all the others … delighted to be in your company!

  2. Dee Sewell
    Dee Sewell says:

    Hi Peter and thank you for the mention – what a category of lovely blogs and loved that you mentioned all those who didn’t make it through too as all worthy to be there. Delighted to see you in Outdoors as you are the epitome of it. You were also my original garden blogging inspiration so now seems as opportune a moment to thank you for that. Hope to see you there on the 12th 🙂

  3. Peter Donegan
    Peter Donegan says:

    Hiya Dee,

    me and my now very mahooosive head would like to thank you for the very lovely words.
    always an honour to be in your company.

    chat soon and thanks, from the both of us 😉

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