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Landscaping. Dublin Southside.

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It is an absolutely wonderful feeling when, in my head I know I can see what the end result of a garden I haven’t yet created or made will be. And though the budgets here were spent mildly differently, the end result of this space outdoors and the time frame within which it was created puts it right up there with the very best of them.

I say the best of them. But what this garden came with was a massive dose of that that they do on them changing rooms type television programmes. You know the ones were they tell the family to get lost for a few days, flatten their one bedroom apartment, turn it into the Taj Mahal and then bring them back in and tell ’em you can open your eyes, now !

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Fair enough, maybe I’ve hyped this one up a little bit too much and I will admit it is hardly the work of Shah Jahan. But here, without wishing to take away from all of the other works done, the bit I personally loved, in this case was that the entire space was done in roll out lawn.

And then you leave the building site and then you come back a few days later and it’s like, let’s go roll around on the lawn and dance like eejits for no apparent reason and laugh our socks off. And it just looks so damn good, you could nearly eat it.

dublin landscaping

The alternate I guess could have been that the lawn was put to seed and we could have left out the newly planted birch and underplanting. But then you may as well throw your kitchen furniture and matching lamp shades out your bedroom window. Until there’s nothing left. And you reach the point where there’s not much point in making a garden, with nothing in it. And where’s the fun in that ?

Not to be underestimated, was the mature trees the garden inherited. That aside, raised walls built and painted, a double tiered lawn and some really very tasty stone work in place, fair to say this really did morph into quite a wonderful and spacious space and by far more importantly, a place called home.

dublin landscaping

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