Caher Bridge Garden, Clare.

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I was in the beautiful County of Clare for work reasons about 6 weeks ago. And via introduction through the very lovely Maureen of Clare Tourism, one of the double whammy’s of my working stay there was my meeting with Carl Wright and my visit to the absolute wonderland he has created that is Caher Bridge Garden.

When I say double-whammy, I mean that bit where I’m just so flippin’ happy eternally that my work [?] is what I absolutely love doing. Which kind of makes it not work, if you get me. D’ye get me ?

If I’m really honest, garden visits have an ability* to bore me to absolute tears. Here it’s fair to say that was far from the case and in part, that comes down to Carl himself and the fact that he is quite simply an absolute gentleman.

We sat on the wall nearest the house and had a cuppa and chatted projects and gardens and I fondly remember forgetting that time existed. And that, that clock-less effect, is one genuinely amazing trait that Caher Bridge has over so many of the many gardens I have been to and something no amount of money can buy.

Maybe it is the beautiful inherited surrounds of Caher Valley that add something to the picture. But there’s also the fact that it is so horticulturally different by way of layout, plant collection[s] and as always and for the better in this case, the person who made it so.

The garden isn’t huge and though Carl suggests you give yourself at least an hour there. Personally, I could have stayed all day.

Higher than highly recommended and well worth the fiver that I didn’t have to pay to get in.

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In the reeling in the years department, my folks would have brought all 8 children of us to The Burren on holidays when we were nippers and my time there of recent a fine reminder that I’ve been away from the region for far, far too long.

Of note, three recommendations:

  • For accommodation – Ballinsheen House Bed & Breakfast, Lisdoonvarna – ask for Mary, she’s a total legend of a lady and does the finest brekkie with, nota bené, real coffee.
  • For food and their own craft beers/ stout – The Roadside Tavern, Lisdoonvarna. Also they do a cracker of a trad session that is the closest I’ve seen to that of my own home town.
  • If you are going to hit The Burren region allow yourself a lot longer than just a day or two. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Maurice
    Maurice says:

    Hola Peter

    One swiftly added to my to visit list and thank you.
    Can I ask you though Peter you say some gardens have an ability to bore you. Can you elaborate on this please ?

    Well done for now

  2. Peter Donegan
    Peter Donegan says:

    Hi Maurice,

    this sounds maybe a really silly [billy] way to explain it but here goes….

    for me, the fact that I get to garden for a living [as noted in the post] is something I will never take for granted, I’m totally blessed to be able to say and do and in reality for me it is the stuff that fairytales are made of.

    I feel, gardening is in many ways like poetry or songwriting or great art and it is one of them that comes [or at the very least should do] from the heart. And right heart in place or/ and heart in the right place, the creativity/ end result should very simply flow from ones mind/ feeling to be morphed into something that is very real and that others can now touch and take their own or your and my interpretation from.

    Like a footballer or guitar player who never trains even though they are genius at it, I see it that some have to work extremely hard to make it happen, whilst others very simply let it happen.

    I’ve always seen it like a crap english teacher of literature, who tells the student to write down the theme and theory of the poem and also what the poet was thinking; rewrite that in your exams and you’ll ace it. The alternate, is a teacher who asks the students to close their eyes, reads the poem aloud and asks then what they felt.

    Their is massive difference between the two – but – if both teachers were to create a garden. I guess one would be less from the heart/ creative, more like a definition and by default therefore bore me to absolute tears.

    I hope that explains my thinking that little bit better.
    cheers for the comment


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