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Landscaping Dublin: Front and Side Garden Beds

landscaping dublin

The following are a series of front and side garden beds that were created around the one house to better enhance its feel, look and appearance…. that sounds like something I just copy and pasted out of some legal firms website I’m sure, but for now I can’t  think of any other way to write that intro line.

Back to landscaping …And though the front driveway has also to serve a very functional role, [without cars in the images below some may look quite spacious], it is a fine example of what one can do to make your home front so much more inviting and welcoming.

landscaping dublin

I liked the fact that the plastered walls of concrete were painted bright, yet not white, providing an almost neutral backdrop to the planting. I also like that the pebble was similar in colour to the paint palette chosen, thus giving some unity to the overall picture.

Behind the scenes of the pretty planting, in parts, lies a lot of what one could categorise as construction, but when you look at the images I hope that your eye leans towards the end result and far more important the difference it makes.

landscaping dublin

If I’m honest, I love when garden spaces, in particular them that I have created, become part of the home, as versus a place where ‘we can stick a few plants’. And here, like the back up chorus for Joe Cocker when he sings A Little Help From My Friends, the hard and the soft work so beautifully well together and more, they are so much better because of each other.

The alternate to the side and front garden additions are I guess the large back gardens of old that sometimes have no relationship to the house at all, if that makes sense. Or for want of a better definition, the garden looks absolutely fantabulous, to the plants-person, but the house is in total shite. Or vice versa. And though I ask you might pardon my use of french, here I find that they very simply merge, fit and feel very at home, together.

landscaping dublin

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