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Landscaping: Back Garden. Swords, Dublin

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There’s a wee bit of reeling in the years with this garden, but it cropped up [see what I did there ? cropped ? anyhow…] in conversation very, very recently and fair to say this garden and the people I made it for made me smile very much. The best ones always do. 😉

To the gardens advantage you might say horticulturally, there were neighbouring buildings overlooking and almost immediately that allowed the introduction of some younger lower in height growing tress and taller growing shrubs to be planted across the white-painted back wall. And though it may sound funny looking a little closer at the image above, the thinking behind this garden was for it to be of low maintenance. Not car park type zero maintenance, if you get me – just lower.

Wanna see what it looked liked before I got to the tasty bits ?


To the seating [I was quizzed on it just yesterday] I will happily admit I wasn’t totally sold mad on it when I saw first. I was. Then I wasn’t, for obvious reasons ; but it did fit alongside the planting that would dapple its circumference and painted dark black it did fit the space and it did add to garden, for the better.

On a slight side note, that not fussiness dilemma were I irregularly question myself in my head, in your garden, has always existed. And client/ you in mind, it’s good for me to have a wee barney with myself now and again.

The ultimate question I remember asking [?] without wishing to highlight it, was if when you look at the image above, did or does the backdrop planting stand as though it was planted solely to create a sense of privacy – or – does it very simply feel like the backdrop to your garden; which now feels like it has become part of your home.

With the parallel lined fencing painted white and the planting complete, a barbecue was hand-built, some very simple seating was installed and the entire garden planted and then covered in pebble. Fair enough, there was a bit more to it than that, but a picture tells a thousand words, if you get me.

Nice space. Lovely client. Happy days.

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