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For flowers or bushes or trees,
Or anything that attracts bees,
Just ask for young Peter,
He’ll fill up each metre
….And do it on time, and with ease.

For the record. Thanks John. That made me smile 😉

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    [quote] John Moynes is a writer and comedian. He has performed on stage in several countries, and has written for television, radio and newspapers. He also regularly gets angry on Newstalk and argues with politicians. If, for some reason, you require a media savvy left winger with a hangover you can get in touch with him at johnmoynes@gmail.com

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  1. Peter Donegan
    Peter Donegan says:

    Hiya Ruth !

    funnily enough there’s an absolute whopper of a garden radio show that we did this week on The Sodshow that covers nothing but bees [ok, and some worms ; ] including a chat with Graham of The Irish Beekeepers Association and plants to attract ’em.

    You just need to put some of them flowering things [apple and cherry trees are good] outside and leave the doors open. Or plant some flowering things inside.

    Hope your good and let me know how ye get on 😉 and Enjoy the sunshine

  2. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    I planted cornflowers, nasturtiums, amaranth, and calendula all around the outside (so far only cornflower and amaranth are blooming). Inside I planted marigolds at the door, and rear. Between all the tomatoes I planted cornflowers and nasturtiums as well. Marigolds and cornflowers are blooming, and there are loads of flowers on the tomatoes. However, I’ve only witnessed two bees in there thus far, and two or three wasps. Occasionally a butterfly flutters in, but doesn’t stay long (unless it gets trapped- which is a whole other problem. Sigh).

    We listen to the sodshow every week, but always a bit late. That one is in the queue!

    The sunshine… good lord I’m enjoying the sunshine. Brown as a nut, with a head bleached as driftwood. Good times.

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