Landscaping: Back Garden. Knocklyon, Dublin

peter donegan garden

Like that delightful fellow you played football with in school who never got the concept of passing the ball, ever… in gardens, it is sometimes the oversized patio that can claim all the glory and very simply stand out for all of the very wrong reasons. And what that leaves behind, is 10 other guys standing there with their hands on their hips wondering why on Gods earth they even got togged out in the first place.

Garden analagy translated, what you should take from this garden at first glance is that there is no ‘lovely or very large individual big player. It’s more an overall feeling of a great home and or a great garden, and it all just seems to fit.

That and that feeling, behind the scenes in part comes down to proportion; the distances between each sector and within each, that they also sit very happily with each other.

Equally as important is that the calculations should only ever equate [to you] to ‘I love staying longer than I should’ in that [or this] garden. A little like Muddy Waters singing 24 Hours. And though I love listening to that song with my eyes closed, I’ll never type the sheet music into a calculator and press the square root button, if you get me.

Enter the obligatory before Peter got his hands on it picture.


Along the way there were a few minor changes and a budget that had to be adhered to. And in the creativity department it was very much down to a who’s who of a hand-picked planting list, a very tasty stone and stone finish with nigh on zero cuts; and the finest Client, I hate that word, money could buy.

The latter if I’m very honest, is what makes the better gardens become just that and there is nothing that can beat it when both minds want the end result to be the absolute best it can be.

back garden landscaping

On a mildly selfish note, maybe, I really am blessed that I get to to what I do for a living. And fair to say it would be churlish of me to call it work.

This garden project also included the front garden/ driveway. I’ll post that bit seperately when I get a little time next week.

In the meantime, Q’s or thoughts [?] leave a comment below or drop me a line.

Peter Donegan:

donegan landscaping

4 replies
  1. Michael F
    Michael F says:

    Hello Peter

    a very fantastic job here. Well done to you and client.

    Reference: your post. I like that you have not over explained the defining thinking and strategy behind the scenes. Life needs a little mystery and not so much over thinking on our parts.

    Refernece the garden: A much bigger, brighter, better and intriguing space.

    Clonclusion: What I would love to see is one of them cameras that shows the garden evolve over the seasons as the various plants come in and then as onother goes out of flower and another comes in again.

    Now to make some changes to my own that seeems to flower only all at the same time. I get many compliements for only just 2 weeks per annum. And then nothing thereafter. Out of jealousy sometimes I dislike you for the lovely gardens you make.

    Best of luck

  2. Peter Donegan
    Peter Donegan says:

    Hi Michael,

    thanks so much for the kind [and the not so 😉 ] words.
    It really is a very lovely place to sit and when that block of lavender gets going there will be no finer south facing patio to sit next to.
    Best of luck with the mild garden edits and thanks again


  3. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    As the proud owner of above mentioned garden, I have to say that never in my imagination did I expect to get the garden that I got. It is so much more that I ever hoped for and is all down to the man himself, artisan that he is, Mr. Peter Donegan. From every angle, front, back, side and probably even upside down (although that is something I have yet to ttry) you get to see something different. This space is now a joy to be in and I look forward to taking care of it and watching it grow. I’m also afraid that if I don’t I will get grief from himself! Thank you, Peter for my magical new garden.

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