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Landscaping: Back Garden. Co. Meath, Ireland

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I’ve been creating gardens under the Donegan Landscaping name since 2001 and though this garden was made a little ago now, my reason for stalling off posting a full note on it here is that I just couldn’t find any of the before I got there images. Worth the wait, the best of the worst is pictured below.


Above anything what made this space, as with any homes space outside, was that it was made for a really very lovely family. That and in the end as space, it really worked. In the choice planting department I love the use of lavender close to the built-in seating and that the rustle of the fargesia is not too far behind that. I also like that the elephant in the room that is the shed was brought into play as versus pretending it simply was not there. Though that maybe is a rarity, in this case it suited.

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The other little touches I absolutely love were the garden seating and table built to fit within the raised beds. And yup that is a mirror surface used as a surface for the table top.

donegan landscaping

And finally, if you scroll to the image at the very top, you’ll see lighting built-in on the lower of the left hand side; this image below is the side opposite.

donegan gardens

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