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Landscaping Dublin: Small Back Garden

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Simple as it may sound, the key to any great space is the creation of a feeling. One that suits, fits and just sits rightly with you, within your outdoor space called home. Maybe that’s the hard bit ?

To explain; Some gardens, I find, can be a little like listening to Daniel O’Donnell, with your Father in Law, complete with that cup of lovely Darjeeling tea. And that’s grand. But sometimes you maybe are more yourself, relaxed and mind-less of the toils of everyday life that one should escape, when you are seated in some old Sheebeen with your best mate and a pint of plain; or in this case your garden, if you get me. That in mind this space, exuded everything that is the ultimate in absolute and pure escapism.

Soft in pallette, the more wonderul bits were left to the flowering elements, bark colours, herbaceous planting and subtle as changes in season. More, in its favour was that I introduced planting that was slower growing yet of instant mature and also some fine feature plants ~ Them that very simply stood that little bit taller in more ways than one above the rest.

The emphasis in this space is very much on the soft plant landscaping and maybe that is what makes it slightly unusual [?].

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Here choice tall specimens screen the view from within the kitchen of the necessary shed and also in screening the view of the door back from the far end of the garden. Further, the medium height planting dapples the symmetry of the machine cut granite path from the back door to the main tabled seating area; and any which way you look at it, there is now a journey to get to where life is just that little bit slower. Far more important, the journey back is one that now feels like it would very simply take far too long to even to even contemplate standing up.

Botany aside, I find gardens, the really good ones, are about what you feel when you sit or stay in that space and allow time pass you by. And like that girl you loved when you were but 17, sometimes it more exciting when you wonder if she equally wondered what you were thinking when you wrote her that poem that was almost a sonnet, but for it had 15 lines in it.

Daydreaming firmly to one side, what you don’t see here at the back of this garden is a wee little getaway for at a squeeze just 2 about people; an open air seated wee spot of hidden contentment if you will, with a view of only the garden and an 8 metre journey back, that you are quite simply just too darned relaxed to even consider dreaming of making.

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