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Garden Fencing: Barrel Board

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As fencing goes, there are many styles and types that I have been party to. But, in the front of house home extremely eloquent department, there are few if any that come close to how beautiful a finish this wood is. In short, if barrel board were a lady, I would happy recite it the most lovely paragraphs of Shakespeare’s finest.

Of note, if you are looking for the cheapest quote or in short a screen made of wood; then it’s probably best you head on over to one of the many DIY Super Store emporiums. No offence…. see what I did there ?  Fence. No. No ? To explain, sometimes a Ferrari is the right call and sometimes the Transit van will do just dandy. Here, we chose the  MG BGT. 1977 version. With the chrome bumpers and 4 speed overdrive. ie. the very smart and damn tasty option.

Built as one part of an overall project it does looks great on its lonesome but, it was also extremely important that it fitted within the overall picture. And, it does.

Of significance, I find the better gardens I have created from ones space, in part, come all the way back to working with and in this case, for a really fine Client. I hate that word. There were calls that had to be made before it was built. Decisions that logically affected costs and by default therefore appearance. An appearance that had to include practicalities.

barrel board fence

Though it is rare that I get moved over fencing, complete with recitals of Romeo and Juliet, I  guess I still love and get excited by being able to see of the future what that space will become that I can see in my mind; and then in the actual physical sense when I see it complete. Sounds silly ? But picture if you will your [imaginary, or not] wife to be in the white dress. Easy peezy chalky cheezy. And a tenner says you still cried like a girl when she walked up the aisle; though you knew how she might look.

Back on planet gardens; and to the barrel board and this front garden… I love that there are 3 bin screens, one large gate and one pedestrian entrance built-in. Very logic. And still it is one of the finest cases of practical included within one of the finest finishes that may be called a fence.

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