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Side Garden Ideas: A Fruit Tree Hedge

fruit tree hedge

I’ve already noted the fruit bush hedge, which may be worth a read before you read this; in fact, recommended you go read that and then come back here and read this, in order for this to make sense… if that makes sense 😉

Back over here… Organised but disorganised within, this was prior to an odd little bit of a garden space. Geographically, it lies to the side of the home, as versus the back or front and really, it had become a little of a no mans land that just didn’t sit right in any ones mind. There was a sort of unknown unease being there; a little like Del Boy and Rodney and the time they turned up to that funeral in the Batman and Robin costumes…. God that was funny ! Point taken.

What I wanted, was a feeling of slight privacy, just enough for it not to be a gradual continuation of the front, yet also without separating entirely those who may pass by the adjacent roadside. ie. not, the 40′ high wall option, but more the curtain netting effect of dappled vision, if you will. The question as always when, it has never existed there before is how the future image in my mind will make that space make you feel when you spend time there.

One of the downsides of when spaces as such are designed so neat and tidy is that there are that many trees to mow around and though I don’t mind becoming dizzy and did think about it; here I guess I didn’t want a 17th Century ye olde styled formal orchard. Far more important, this is not a Peter Donegan [singular] Memorial Garden and therefore Client in mind, a landscape devoid of any mystique or intrigue was never gonna happen.

To put a word on it, biodiversity solved that dilemma. And with bio-diversity, comes also the bi-product of nigh on zero maintenance. Tadaaaah ! I am titanium. I hate that song.

wild garden, dublin

Three seasons on, the uncouth growing throughout the perimeter has now begun to meet the base of the trees, which I love very dearly. More, I like that 3 and a bit year old Ella [my client] goes out and picks flowers from here for Nanny and also that she, without being told [very important in knowing that the space works, naturally] will sit there with Abby [her doll] and mind her there.

Created with very smartly chosen trees, of note to some and within the fruiting cul-de-sac [above] what you see are 5 no. cherry trees, 5 no. plum trees, 10 eating and 10 cooking apples, all planted in triangulation. In the taller peoples picture of timotei type adverts, what we have here is a little of everything: The sound of the birds and also the bees, the scent, the year round colour and in case I may forget an absolute treasure trove of fruit called home. And a hedge ~ my clients Moms primary wish.

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