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Patio Paving: Grey Limestone

grey limestone, paving steps

There’s a point in good, tasty well thought out gardens where not everything can be shiny. It can, of course. But it shouldn’t be, really. In context, imagine if you will an entire garden space coloured in yellow, or gold; I mean the entire garden, wall to wall. And what you should picture is a pretty pointless area when you close your eyes and really think about it. Not pointless. More monotonous; or mono-tone, if you will.

In this case or in that contrasting department, the natural grey limestone paving is an absolute cracker. Because a little like the use of red in garden design in order to highlight something [ref here: alongside green in Japanese styled gardens], one needs a contrast in colour; An extreme case of which may include the use of yellow on black.

grey limestone paving

I love the fact that just like it’s sister, the black limestone, the grey has that naturally furled ruffle to its surface and that there is a touch of esque like the stone masons of old where I’m almost choice lifting one piece out and replacing it with another, solely because the finish of one is kind of similar to a neighbouring slab.

Here, it was used as footings around the perimeter of the home, as versus the standard one metre of concrete wrap-around. that never existed. A very tasty alternate, I hear you say. And you would be extremely correct. That said, in situ, it looks pretty damn fine if I do say so myself.

grey limestones, paving slab

Some may, be turned off this stone because of it colour or lack of, seeing it as a little of the banal or boring. But like anything in life, it’s not what you choose, it’s how you choose to use it. And it is also here that one should take the stand back and picture as an overview, the garden in its entirety and also where and how it is to be used within its new space.

In context below, the use of yellow versus black.

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