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Dublin Landscaping: Small Back Garden

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There are gardens that I have done before that are the ultimate in what one would consider the perfect picture. Yup, I would be that confident in myself and what I do. But there are other gardens in which the final picture does not sometimes mean as much until you meet a] the client; which you most likely will not, in this case or/ and b] you see what the garden was before hand.


The reason part b] is sometimes so important is that depending, it can very necessarily consume so much of ones budget; and in ratio, one spends a higher percentage of the costs undoing and removing; when in an ideal world it would be solely spent on creating just the final picture. Does that make sense ? Pause. then contrast the first image with the second [above]. This garden is a class example of what was quite a tough one to inherit, when it came to getting the garden made to suit its new owner.


Before hand as you can see [above], was grey paving slabs and pebble. That is all. And a shed. It was a space that looked small, uninviting and symmetrical. And what was required like any addition to any home was that it made you want to open the doors; leave them open and draw you outside. And whether you see the finished product as quite simplistic or not, that warmth has been achieved. That and they don’t all have to have Morris Minors in them to make them great. 😉

I wanted to make this space [firstly] into a garden and then to make it look like it had been there for years, yet really very well maintained. That aside the second role was to make one want to spend time outside and whether it be the largest budget in the world or not, that, here has definitely been achieved within this now great[er] outdoors.

Do consider if you will, that the garden is not even hours old when I recorded the video below and also that this is how the garden will look in its [now] over-wintering state. That aside, I loved making this one and I cannot wait to see this space come the summer time.

Any Q’s or thoughts [?] leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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