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It was way back in 2001 when I first got the Donegan Landscaping logo made, my first year in business and I was but 24 years of age. I think I’m 25 in the image above taken at Howth Golf Club, one of my earliest contracts and I only knew one person with a digital camera at that time….

Fast track to 2013 and a few computers to the recycling centre later where I had managed to lose every image contained within; you know the usual…. would you like to back up your computer…. remind me later…. your computer would like to perform spontaneous combustion…..

Anyhow, no original images left and some years later, I needed my logo yesterday [so to speak] and the largest size file I could find it at was 16kb. That’s very small. Or not large enough to use anywhere without it looking brutal.

I called Davy MacDonald. You may remember Davy. He’s the guy who made this….

donegan landscaping web

…which makes him pretty much a logo, tech, design, guru genius. Above all else he also a pure gentleman.

What I did with the logo above, which he recreated onto a clear back drop [very impotanté and also see below], was this on my new, to me, jeep. The previous vehicle had earned its keep. But by far more logic than that, it was silver in colour and as Davy advised, for me that was never a good backdrop colour for the donegan landscaping logo.

donegan landscaping, ireland

And then I went and done this… yes for the first time since God only only knows when, I have new business cards. The previous versions as a by the way included a fax number….. And technology as Davy will tell you has come a long way since 2001. They, just like the work horse vehicle also needed a revamp/ refresh, a fresh coat of paint and don’t they both look very smart-er, now.

peter donegan landscaping, contact

Why am I noting this on the garden blog ?

If there’s one thing I know it’s when the shoe hits the fan, the people in your corner nee the friends you hold dearest are the one that are usually there, for me, literally at the drop of a hat and when you need them most. Don’t get me wrong business is still business, but it is good to have friends like Davy MacDonald and a vehicle with no logo is pretty pointless; and I like to get things done, today, yesterday, last week.

It’s also nice to say thank you. Something I explain to my daughter every day.

Back to it, I had some new years resolutions most necessary for the business that is Donegan Landscaping. Those objectives were only going to look very good and be done once and very right. They have been and thanks to Davy, I have just crossed 2 off the list.

Part 3 has been in progress for some time. Updates to follow….

donegan landscaping, logo

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  1. David McDonald
    David McDonald says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks very much for the glowing endorsements – me ears are burnin’ here ツ

    Only too happy to help, as you know, and do keep me in your (comprehensively backed-up) contacts lists for any future graphics-related challenges.


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