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Temple Street, Inis Mór Half Marathon 2013

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April 20th 2013 will be my 3rd year fingers crossed of my running crawling doing the Temple Street Childrens Hospital half marathon. There are of course reasons why Temple Street is very close to my heart, but that may be is a story best told over a cup of coffee.

To my getting there the wee Angels of the Childrens hospital are asking that each runner participant raise €650. As a by the way, last years funds were used to purchase 2 ICU Specification Patient Monitoring Units and here’s what the team wanna do with this years dosh:

This year we are hoping to raise €60,000 to purchase 4 diathermy machines to be used in theatre. These machines are necessary pieces of equipment for the operating theatre and provide optimal support for operative procedures in virtually all medical fields. The diathermy machine is used in theatre and is employed in a controlled manner during surgery to seal small blood vessels by coagulation and to cut through layers of tissue.

In the meantime, I’ve set up a My Charity Page  were you can donate any amount securly online. If however you are feeling a little extra groovy and maybe wanna bigger bang/ some return for your buck ? I’m more than open to any suggestion and my details are below. Try me…. also I make great caffeine and it’s good to talk. 😉

Last year I took The Sodshow microphone and of note maybe its best to suggest you scroll to 21:17 minutes and hear Padraic O’Céadaigh speak a little more indepth and how it all started.

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Further info:

Image below: Bank of Ireland, Inis Mór.

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