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Welcome: The Garden Group Returns For 2013

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A Very Brief History:

It’s August 2009 and a plethora of lovely people respond to the following question

Would you Join a Garden Group ?

Now 2013, at the beginning of season 4 and with an average of 4 gigs per year, all done free gratis, there begins another fine season for the outdoors happy heads.

All I should add, with very huge thanks to you* for coming along and equally to those who offered me sites, gardens and their time whilst we the garden group was visiting there.

At the time I also noted the characteristics I felt you needed:

  • an ability to smile
  • a likening for the colour green in any shape or form
  • any knowledge of horticulture or gardening was very much optional

Of note maybe, previous rambles have included Ireland Eye, The War Memorial Gardens, Sonairte Ecology Centre, Corkagh Park and Rathbeggan Lakes, to name just a few. Should you have a suggestion, own or know of a place were where the garden group could go or visit…. you might drop me a line. Details below. In the meantime….

The first gig of 2013 kicks off this Sunday January 6th:

garden group, sonairte, pic by jennifer farley

    • Date: Sunday 6th January 2013
    • Time: 12.45 in Ballyboughal Village. Outside O’Connors pub.
    • Guides: Peter Donegan & Damian Hickey
    • Details: A hedgerow walk through the unkempt, untouched and hidden gems of Dublins wilds that you simply will not find on the tourist trail with Ballyboughal Hedgerow Society. I call it The Dead Poets Society for Real Gardeners. A nice one for the first gig of the year.
    • Numbers: limited to 18.
    • Note: It will feature featured this Friday on The Sodshow

Garden Group-ees Note:

  • Booking: via comment – here only. Easiest way to note for numbers.
  • Contact me: my number – see below. not a problem
  • Small Ones: I’ll be bringing wee Ella. She’s 2 and a bit.
  • Other: If you are stuck for a lift and wanna go just leave a comment noting that – it will be easily solved.
  • Dress Code: this is Ireland. See weather.
  • Also: There is no charge from me. You can if you wish make a [very wee only] donation to Temple street childrens Hospital – I will be doing a half marathon for them in March/ April.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours or longer if you are enjoying yourself
  • Weather: the weather…. your guess is as good as mine.
  • Lunch: I had suggested bringing a picnic. That’s what I will be doing anyway. All things going good it’ll be a flask of coffee and some nice sambos!
  • Anything else: leave a comment below or gimme a call.
  • Directions: it’s not that far from Dublin Airport. See map below.

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Contact Me:

peter donegan, garden group

Pics above courtesy genius photographer Jennifer Farley.

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