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Official Statement :

Peter Donegan, Donegan Landscaping or and any variations of the name, has made a unanimous decision to dispense with the landline telephone. The jury voting went as follows: All in favour, one. Against, nil.

What’s the big idea :

When I set up Donegan Landscaping in 2001, I had two landlines. One for the facsimile and 1 for the telephone. Times changed as the fax went by the way side and modern technology allowed me to run them both on the one line. I know, it was called a machine. Anyone remember the telex ?

We’re into an era where things have changed to the point that it is nothing new for me to take a booking via facebook or twitter, never mind a text message. It would also seem that Google is maybe the new Golden Pages.

When I look back on it, when I first set up 14 years ago, I had a camera with a reel of film, partly the reason why so many of my early days gardens are not online. Now, I have very lovely clients that I have actually never met; The Sodshow, that airs on Dublin City Fm has listeners who listen live, online, from The United States of America; and this blog post – this was written whilst having a cup of coffee in the middle of my garden, on my mobile phone, whilst throwing a stick for the dog.

I’m very aware that in years past having a landline maybe gave that extra bit of a trusted feel to a company, but the reality is I am usually outside and not sitting at a desk. And the sole reason I was holding onto the landline, was to get the broadband – which I now get via a dongle.

On a slight side note, I think the biggest change with technology in mind, though I still get my news, is that I haven’t bought a newspaper in over 3 years and I don’t own a television set.

With 7 calls to the landline, 6 of them spam calls ~ In twelve months, it seems people prefer to call me directly and it is you as much as it is me who quite simply just aren’t using the landline any more; at least in terms of getting in touch with me. In context, if it were a piece of machinery I would have decomissioned it a long time ago. I guess it’s simply time to do the honourable and most logic thing.

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