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Gardening Course: How To Grow Your Own Trees and Hedging Plants


  • Date: Saturday October 27th 2012
  • Time: 10.30 – 1.00 pm
  • Cost: €25 per person, paid on the day
  • Numbers: Minimum 6 – Max 10 people
  • Booking: essential, for numbers
  • Location: Dublin. Near enough to the airport. See ‘what’s the story’ below

Booking and further information:

  • email – – recommended
  • phone – 0876594688 – not a problem if you want to call
  • facebook – DoneganLandscaping
  • twitter – @DoneganGardens

Who is suitable for:

Absolute beginners, new garden owners, those want to create community gardens on a budget, school teachers, trainers, garden enthusiasts or simply you with a plot of land that don’t want to go out and spend an absolute fortune on trees and hedging. In short, anyone who like trees and/ or you who might want to try something a little different.

What’ll you learn on the day:

How to grow your own native Irish trees and hedging plants from cuttings. Choosing the right stock. Preparations and pit falls. All the way up to finished and complete plant. I’ll take a brief look through other cutting types as well and though it’s slightly out of season you’ll be prepared enough when the season comes round. The set up is not in a class room as there are more trees outside.

I’ll add further to this as appropriate but, for the moment that’s all that comes to mind. In context, if you want something added to the list that should be covered or noted, just hollar and I’ll pop it up here.

What’s the story:

I’ve been asked for some time if I would do an autumn winter type class or gardening course. And here it is…. It’ll take place at my home in Ballyboughal, just outside Swords [near enough to the airport].Don’t worry, I’ll email you directions

I like a very relaxed atmosphere to this kind of thing so we’ll have a cuppa part way through were you can ask questions or query as you see fit or need to.

What do you need:

Yourself. And a secateurs if you have one. If not don’t worry. Or you can pick a relatively decent one up for less than a tenner in any decent hardware type garden centre store. Pushed for a recommendation, I myself use the felco brand. Also bring a note-book and a pen should you feel the need. Anything else you maybe unsure of, just hollar.

Best for now and chat soon, Peter


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