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Garden Fair and Talk at Huntstown Community Centre

On Thursday 3rd May I gave a talk at the first ever Garden Fair at Huntstown Community Centre, Blanchardstown. It wasn’t supposed to be a big event, when I first got the call. It was supposed to be a cup of tea maybe, and a garden talk to 30 or so members of The Ladies Club of the Community Centre.

Within weeks 3 of the ladies, Sharon Farrell, Sheila and Bernie took it upon themselves to create a real event, for the community. What it became was a live on stage garden talk/ demonstration with gardeners Q & A session after. Around that was organised the plant and garden paraphernalia fair where I did happily spend a small fortune.

At work on the evening, far far bigger than myself was a real community. Big smiles, nothing too much to ask for or do and genuinely fine hearted people. In context, it was the first ever talk I have done where I was greeted with a real big hug. A Quality I’m proud to note I encourage in my wee daughter Ella.

To everyone that I met, it was a real honour, sincerely. To Sharon, Sheila and Bernie I’m looking forward to our next cuppa already. To Huntstown community for the gift and to The Ladies for the beautiful card and the so very much appreciated gifts, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. Take a bow, you are simply wonderful.

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