Garden Advice: Annuals Weeds, Watering, 5 Products, Tree Versus Ivy and Planters

You asked the questions. These are the answers. 😉 Different I’ll grant you that. But, maybe, a little for everyone. Thoughts and comments ? See below.

1. My onion pots, chickweed and feeding my Hens

I grow a fair amount of my vegetables in pots. Not all, mainly those that are legume or allium. That doesn’t however stop any weed from wanting to grow there or anywhere else. What I will say is I generally find the tough perennial weeds are smart enough to make life easy for themselves and grow where they will get very less competition ie. in tough soil. In this case the fine sieved compost grew nothing but shallow rooting chickweed. Food for thought and food for my hens.

2. How much should you water your plant ?

Anthony McGuinness asked how much water he should be giving his plant per week. I answered Anthony in audio.

How much water to give your plant @anthonymcg (mp3)

3. Ivy plant versus Cordyline Tree

I spoke in depth about dealing with Ivy last week. In this case it is over growing a Cordyline australis and I show with what and how I dealt with the extremely vigorous weed.

4. My Tips on 5 Gardening Products

Bernie Goldbach wanted some – Advice on Gardening Products. Once again audio was easier to answer Bernie in this case. I chose 5 garden products to advise Bernie on.

5 Gardening Product Tips for @topgold (mp3)

5. The Cheapest Herb Garden Planters Ever

And finally…… left over cavity blocks.

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