Welcome The Garden Group for 2012

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It’s August 2009 and a plethora of lovely people respond to the following question

Would you Join a Garden Group ?

Welcome The Garden Group for 2012 (mp3)

Since then we have visited The War Memorial Gardens, Ireland Eye, The Battle of The Boyne site and even gone hedgerow walking with approx 200 mainly non gardeners in 2 years. All with huge thanks to you for coming along and equally to those who offered me sites, gardens and their time so for the group to visit.

At the time I also noted the characteristics I felt you needed:

  • an ability to smile
  • a likening for the colour green in any shape or form

Now it’s 2012. And I need your suggestions as a garden group go-er or the suggest-er/ owner/ know-er of a place were where it would be good for us to visit.

Answers on a postcard or leave a comment below ? 🙂

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  1. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    Niamh me oul flower 😉

    Thanks so much for that. Been a while since I was there (I’m sure it’s changed a lot !). Will check it out for sure.

    Chat soon

  2. Maire
    Maire says:

    Hi Peter – Corkagh Park would be a great venue – lots to see – arboretum, Rose garden, allotments, pet farm, fisheries, great trees and open space.
    Well worth a visit!

  3. Deirdre D
    Deirdre D says:

    If you haven’t already done this one before, what about St Anne’s in Raheny? http://www.clontarfonline.com/st.annes.htm – Rose Garden, allotments (you’ll need to contact park to gain access) 18(19?) century large scale romantic landscape and follies, foxes, hedgohogs, squirrels, cafe for when the walk is over…

  4. Deirdre D
    Deirdre D says:

    I forgot to say.. St Anne’s is right beside Bull Island – not a garden, but a nature reserve with protected wild flowers / birds etc.

  5. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:


    wonder if I could get someone to give us a wee talk on it. I think they’re both Dublin City Council
    Two great suggestions 🙂

    Working on it already….

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