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peter donegan garden

My favourite video[s] of 2011 was a choice of two. First, the night I recorded the planet of Saturn on my iPhone4. The photographs and added audio are well worth a look by the way.

The second, the beauty of Inis Mór from the air.

That said, the most popular video recorded and viewed within the year 2011 is my Growing lettuce from seed video. According to youtube it has 2,393 views [correct as of 28/12/11].

That however was well beaten by my Apple Tree Problems video recorded in 2009 with 5,069 views this year. As you can see my video editing skills at the time were amazing in hindsight not great, but once again, proof that content is king.

Personally I pay zero interest to stats. But for those who want to know – here’s what youtube say.

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