10 Gardening Service Gifts This Christmas

Christmas garden gift

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….

The following are 10 gifts for the person in your life who may or not, be the ultimate gardener or more simply the ultimate garden lover. Have a browse or let me know what you think…. contact details at the bottom.

  • The Garden Make Over:

A makeover, a facelift… you may simply require that little extra professional touch to brighten up the front or back garden for or after the festive season. Planted exactly to your liking or positioned to brighten up that apartment, existing garden or balcony.

peter donegan landscaping gardens dublin landscaping

  • Planted Planters:

For the office or home, for inside or out. One for the entire office or one just for Mary. Culinary or colour or simply pretty and inviting. A living gift that will last that little bit longer….

dublin plants planters

  • The Gift of A Tree:

Your trees or tall shrubs can be fruiting and small and or native and tall. Planted on your date of choice or delivered straight to your loved ones door.

trees dublin

  • Bespoke Hand Made:

An existing garden needing something that little bit more unique and one off. How about a garden feature made especially for you ?

  • Garden Advice:

You may wish to do the job yourself but you simply do not know where to start. Book a day with yours truly to get the best from your garden in your garden. Your very own garden class, a consultation, plant shopping or a garden layout.

peter donegan landscaping dublin donegan landscaping dublin

  • Garden Design:

Scheduled, time-lines, products and plants. All drawn and planned – all in order, organised and tailor-made to suit your budget and your space in your great outdoors.

  • Annual Garden Maintenance:

The hedge, the trees the lawn. It may not be the Phoenix Park but sometimes the arms of others are better used, letting you get on with the things that matter more.

lawn fertilise

  • A Garden Class:

Fancy your very own garden class just for you and your group. A day out in your garden or at your place of work. Green by grow your own or specific to the more amenity side of the garden, maybe you’d like to mix them both… The choice is yours. All materials can be supplied and times to suit yourself.

  • Step by Step Gardening:

If you fancy giving it all a try yourself…. all of the pieces to complete the puzzle hand-picked, delivered and wrapped if you wish. All of the garden products you could ever need to complete the tasks at hand or to put that final addition to that great outdoors.

new planting planting scheme

  • Still Stuck….

Pop me an email or pick up the phone. You can as always contact me via:

  • by email info@doneganlandscaping.com
  • via this website: click the contact page
  • call mobile – o876594688

Christmas Landscaping Peter Donegan

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