Top 10 Gardening Books For Christmas

Some of these I have reviewed before here, others I simply never got around to it. What you might like to know is that these are all books from my own library.

No matter what level or age of gardener [or not] you are, the video will give you a decent enough browse through to help you decide if it is one for you or not – and if you are still unsure – you can always leave a comment below.

In no particular order the books noted are:

  1. Irish Houses and Gardens – Sean O’Reilly
  2. Kids First Gardening – Jenny Hendy
  3. John Seymour – The Complete Guide To Self Sufficiency
  4. Landscape Design In Eighteenth Century Ireland – Finola O’Kane
  5. Irish Gardens – Olda Fitzgerald
  6. The Living Garden – Jane Powers
  7. Food for Free – Richard Maybe
  8. 1001 Gardens You Must See – Rae Spencer Jones
  9. RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Plants A-Z
  10. RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening

top 10 gardening books

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