How To: Grow Your Own Trees – Hardwood Cuttings

hardwood cutting

This may sound like the ultimate cliché, but growing your own trees, couldn’t be easier.

The video may explain how to take a hardwood cutting [and also the why] that little bit better than the diagram/ image above.

Keeping it on a simple level – don’t be afraid to have a go – that’s what gardening is all about.

And of course any problems or queries simply leave a comment below or drop me a line via

The points above note:

  • cut made @ 65 degree angle above node
  • stem roughly clean
  • disease free stems
  • cut made straight/ flat below node

And also:

  • stems 12 inches long
  • 3 inches above sand
  • 9 inches below sand
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  1. says:

    Hello Peter: My name is Ali. Today I got hardwood cuttings from a J Jube lee fruit tree and would like to know if I can do the same procedure as indicated in your video, and is it time to grow them now?

  2. Peter Donegan
    Peter Donegan says:

    Hello Ali

    apols for just seeing this now.
    do you have a latin botanical name for the ” J Jube lee ”
    Also where [climatically/ geographically] are you based.


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