A Starting Point: Ugly Veg – #uglyveg ?

ugly veg peter donegan

I could write a big lengthy blog post, but the gist of it is in the audio just below. I’d like to think that this might go a little further than just this post. We’ll see 😉

Ugly Veg #uglyveg (mp3)

Update Wednesday 9th November:

And from The SodShow this Friday. Particular attention should be paid to my interview with potato grower David Rodgers and his notes on the grading of potatoes.

The #SodShow. Friday 11th November. Irish Garden Radio & Podcast (mp3)

In the veg world.

  • Image 1] the labelling on a potato bag
  • image 2] a potato that is too big
  • image 3] more incorrect sized potatoes
  • image 4] potatoes that don’t make the grade

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UPDATE 22nd November 2011:

Met with RTE’s Ear To The Ground Friday 18th, who interviewed myself and David about this.

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  1. Dee Sewell
    Dee Sewell says:

    Great post and couldn’t agree more Peter. The family had a discussion about this at dinner this evening… the children said they’d love to eat #uglyveg and would chose them over ‘regular’ veg (they have to anyway as I grow lots of shapes & sizes here – that’s nature for you).

    We also agreed that consumers should be given a choice. As you quite rightly pointed out we all have to watch our cents now more than ever and it’s frankly absurd that decent vegetables are ploughed back into the ground because they’re the wrong shape or size.

    I suspect, as ever, a lot of it’s down to money ie corporates having their say etc. Since the days of packaging for fruit and veg rather than brown bags (I worked part-time in a greengrocer’s aged 14-16 & ALL veg came in boxes & was handpicked out by us)- they need suppliers to provide certain sized apples or tomatoes etc for their plastic or polystyrene boxes… I’ll say no more.

    Anyway, am totally with you on this and would love to see it taken further. Will share wherever I can 🙂

  2. Stasia
    Stasia says:

    Well said Peter, keep saying it – somehow something’s got to change. I’ll be sharing this soundbyte!

    We grow lots of veg and they’re not all ‘perfect LOOKING specimans’ by supermarket standards but they taste ‘perfect’ and provide ‘perfect nutrition.

    Best of luck with your idea, I hope it becomes a campaign to create a movement to nutritious #uglyveg

  3. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    @ Dee,
    thank you. I Don’t know or mind what [if anything] it will achieve – but a family table discussion is a pretty good start.

    @ stasia
    and thank you too. Personally, I quite enjoying understanding that vegetables don’t follow instruction manuals.

    I don’t expect it to become a campaign as such, but the idea is good and it’s the thought that counts 😉

    I’ll hope. But we’ll see. Best for now

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