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A Starting Point: Ugly Veg – #uglyveg ?

ugly veg peter donegan

I could write a big lengthy blog post, but the gist of it is in the audio just below. I’d like to think that this might go a little further than just this post. We’ll see 😉

Ugly Veg #uglyveg (mp3)

Update Wednesday 9th November:

And from The SodShow this Friday. Particular attention should be paid to my interview with potato grower David Rodgers and his notes on the grading of potatoes.

The #SodShow. Friday 11th November. Irish Garden Radio & Podcast (mp3)

In the veg world.

  • Image 1] the labelling on a potato bag
  • image 2] a potato that is too big
  • image 3] more incorrect sized potatoes
  • image 4] potatoes that don’t make the grade

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UPDATE 22nd November 2011:

Met with RTE’s Ear To The Ground Friday 18th, who interviewed myself and David about this.

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