5 Must Do’s In The Garden This November

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With Movember in the air and the festive season adverts now in full swing there could be no greater season to want to brighten up your great outdoors, that for the last while has taken an absolute soaking from the elements.

The following are 5 must do’s guaranteed to put that little spring […see what I did there 😉 ] back into your step and your garden for the coming months and right into the first season of the new year.

1. Plant A New Tree

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Plant a tree in your own garden this season or get one planted for a friend, I honestly don’t believe there is a better gift one can give or receive. It’s always good to remember that tree’s can of course be chosen at an instant specific height and age to suit your space and place. Bare roots, root balled or potted they are a great addition to any outdoor space.

2. Plant A New Herb Garden

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Make your garden smell a little brighter and use fresh herbs in your cooking this festive season by getting yourself a herb garden. Planting now ensures that little or no maintenance is required after planting by way of weeding and watering and also therefore less competition with others plants for the soils nutrients. Smells great, looks brilliant and plants chosen rightly, like me your mint should be in flower right about now. Fresh mohito’s ?

3. Plant A Hedge

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Whether they are native Irish plants by choice or be they not, once again hedge planting can be  made look instantly mature or worked to suit ones budget. Root balled, bare root or potted, hedging is a great addition to any garden and a must have when it comes to biodiversity and adding that little nature and colour to your garden for the coming months and season. Go a little festive and add some berries to your boundary ?

4. Perfect that Lawn

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With the temperatures lowering November is a great time to get that old lawn spruced up or even get a new lawn in place. Little to no watering due to lowering temperatures and therefore as with planting, little to no transpiration. A right amount of after gardening for those with a busier schedule or for those who are more conscious of the amounts and time it would take to normally keep things watered. Aunty Mary will be quite impressed when she drops by with the Christmas pudding.

5. Plant some Spring Bulbs


I have a tonne of these planted by the roadside outside my house but also planted into my lawn.Whilst the grass is not being cut in spring it means free and fresh flowers on the table. The beauty about bulbs is they come up year after year, after…. A great investment that just keeps on giving. Plant them into an existing lawn, underneath a lawn that’s about to go down or simply drop them into a flower bed.

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