Poll: Will You Be Planting A New Tree In Your Garden This Year ?

Before the end of 2012 and as tree season nears ever so closer, the question is….. Will you be planting a new tree in your garden this year ?

Results to be announced on the SodShow this Friday

prunus serrula tree

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  1. Pam Lukeman
    Pam Lukeman says:

    Definitely…. my sister-in-law passed away earlier this year and I want to plant a tree in her memory, in my lawn – probably a sweet chestnut, beautiful tree that will be there long after me!

  2. aafke
    aafke says:

    Yes, a definite yes! We will be planting a tree this year. My mem made my hubby/+1/better half/best friend a gift. Now, would one hundred euros be enough to buy and plant a real good ‘lijsterbes'(sorbus)? as that is the tree she would like best, because of the bright coloured berries when everything else seems to have gone to rest for the winter.

  3. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    @ simon – what girth and what’s the setting ?

    @pam – I reckon your sister-in-law would be pretty chuffed knowing that you are doing so. 🙂

    @aafke i’ve about 10 sorbus in my own garden. 100 should do nicely for a nice enough one. staked and tied of course 🙂

  4. aafke
    aafke says:

    Stakes and ties won’t be an issue ¦ↁ
    There are (or should i say ‘were’) a few already, but the funny thing is they don’t seem to have a real long life. Maybe the n-midlands soil is too wet or too acid. Can you recommend a nursery, as we best get one from a place were they are grown in similar circumstances?

  5. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    @ aafke
    personally, i’d choose the tree first… soil shouldn’t too much matter really.
    sorbus aucuparia maybe ?

    @ simon
    nice choice of native hedge. great to hear. recommends spacing approx 3 / metre squared
    what trees ?
    amn’t I awful inquisitive 😉

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