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Newgrange Falconry

newgrange falconry spirit of folk 2011 festival

At The Spirit of Folk Festival I made a point of going to see and watch the Newgrange Falconry demonstration. The talk was an absolute eye opener of an education when you hear the audio which I recorded on the day. A talk that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s place on this landscaping blog ? In short, I liked it. And also, the greater Irish landscape [as versus your back garden]. And where birds build their nests. Trees. Wildlife. Nature. Biodiversity. The list goes on. Listen to the audio and you’ll get why it is so releveant.

Newgrange Falconry Talk @ Spirit of Folk Festival 2011 (mp3)

Highly recommended if you ever get the opportunity to catch the family run team in action.

I also captured these images on the day.

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