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You wouldn’t believe it if I told you how difficult it is to find refills of Camping Gaz. And when I google search all I seem to get is variations of….

Anyone know of a refiller/ stockist ?

I found one. By accident. In Baldoyle. The man deserves a blog post. Here it is.

  • Expert Hardware Baldoyle – ask for Robert MacNamara
  • Address : Brookstone Road, Baldoyle, Dublin 13
  • Phone : 01839 3005
  • Email :
  • Opening Hours : Mon – Thu: 9am – 6pm Fri – Sat: 9am-5:30pm

I ran out camping in Cavan. No chance of me finding a stockist.

Robert also does the small can of screw and non screw propane/ butane gas. This one cost me €23 returning my old keg. It will cost between €70 and €80 if you don’t have a return. This weeks SodShow explained how I got my first keg for free so I didn’t have to pay the €80.

As a by the way, when you put Baldoyle into the Camping Gaz store finder it lands you somewhere just off the Faroe Islands. Although that wasn’t so funny on Friday evening… If you do know of any others you can leave a comment below with their or your details. It may just help someone else out.

Why on the garden blog ? Camping, picnics, parks, lunch, outdoors… and other associated words.

Other Gaz Stockists who do refills:

hardware baldoyle

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