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In 2008 I wrote a post to answer the then so over asked question: Why do I write a garden blog ? It seems an updated answer is required.

First, wikipedia defines: A blog (a blend of the term web log)

Silly as it may sound and not that I am a fan but, Star Trek passed through my mind and so I searched for Captains Log, just to see what came up. I got this….

A logbook was originally a book for recording readings from the chip log, and is used to determine the distance a ship traveled within a certain amount of time. The readings of the log have been recorded in equal times to give the distance traveled with respect to a given start position.

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They go a stage further by saying that

Today’s ship’s log has grown to contain many other types of information, and is a record of operational data relating to a ship or submarine, such as weather conditions, times of routine events and significant incidents, crew complement or what ports were docked at and when. It is essential to traditional navigation, and must be filled in at least daily.

In Star Trek the Captain’s log, a form of ship’s log, is used to fill in the audience as to the events in progress, and acts as a more realistic form of soliloquy.

I guess in some form or other I like to think that this garden blog is a mixture of all the good bits of the above quotations.

I noted [in 2008] that I have written about gardening since I was about twenty six years of age, at first for The Irish Farmers Journal and then moving on to other writing projects. Although my writing style can change from online to print media, the reasons why I like to write and moreso why I like to write about gardening, has never changed.

Let me give you some of the blogs statistics

  • I started this garden blog in August 2007
  • At the time of writing this piece there are around 930 blog posts
  • In which are contained over 4700 images
  • And about 200 videos
  • Plus over 350 segments of audio

That may sound like a lot of information and it is. It may sound like a fair amount of time to spend typing or other and I’m sure it is. But, I don’t play golf and I spend less time writing this [b]log fortnightly than a round would take – but even if it took more time, I enjoy it – and – as long as a] I’m not upsetting anyone and b] at least one other person enjoys reading my writing, then I’m personally quite content.

Does the blog make me money ?

peter donegan

Most definitely not. But then neither does a round of golf. [exception: McIlroy]. But I never started writing this weblog to make money. Don’t get me wrong blogging has been kind to me and I do get to go to really cool events/ places and I do get some really nice products and presents, some by way of reviewing them here. More importantly and at the very least the blog can’t do any harm and on the other hand I have met so many genuine nice and kind people as a result of my writing here and that’s good.

It must take you ages ?

I’ve been gardening and writing and talking – and writing about gardening, for so long, it makes converting the chosen topic to blog post quite a smooth and efficient operation.

Regarding adding audio, images or/ and video to a post – Since the iPhone [in short] came to town one can record and have it online in a matter of seconds. In garden terms this is a saviour in the form of the converting and editing department where voice and image mean less text and typing and also the immediacy and the time spent getting it online.

You should also consider that I walk most evenings and every weekend, when I’m not working that is – in a garden. And if I’m not there I am in a friends garden or I’m on his/ her farm or in their greenhouse. I literally eat, sleep and drink the great outdoors just about 24/ 7 and I am at all times surrounded by people and places that have a story to tell from which others may or might benefit from that information.

So What if this blogging thing does take me ages ?

I don’t play hurling anymore because I can’t garden too well with bendy fingers and so this [garden writing] you might say, contrary and rhetoric as it may sound is the only escape I have from the photosynthetic world.

Either which way you look at it…..

I am a gardener, landscaper, horticulturist and outdoors lover…. whatever you may call it. It is my profession, my chosen third level education and what I have done since I was about 5 years of age and I love it dearly.

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