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lough ramor camp site

Located 5 kilometres south of Virginia in County Cavan, this is probably one of the smaller campsites I have been to, but Lough Ramor is an absolute gem and sits right at the waters edge. To that note, I’ll do a separate post on Lough Ramor itself and keep this one to the camping and campers side of things.

If it’s the great outdoors you wish to enjoy, you won’t go wrong here but anything more than that and I honestly believe you may actually need a hotel complete with kids club. With that in mind and the facilities, the washrooms and bathrooms were hygienically spotless and clean as you could get from a campers perspective.

There are some permanent mobiles there which is always a good sign, but of note is the fact that the visiting campers areas are split into two zones. The tents seem to be placed right by the waters edge whilst the camper caravans are placed by the electric points on the upper area but slightly out of view of the water.

To those pitching tents, the lower ground is quite rocky beneath from which many bent pegs resulted. I highly recommend a length of re-bar and a steel headed mallet to be added to the camping essentials list.

I was there for four nights and loved every second even though the weather was often verging on extreme to mixed. Those there for the weekend lacking in the correct paraphernalia really stood, most moving on after day one.

In the town of Virginia the Super Valu is probably the best place to go shopping for supplies, but as per camping gear, should you find yourself stuck you may find yourself in a mild pickle. I did bring back up gas for my MSR pocket rocket [essential for a cuppa with 3 minutes brewed outside btw], but not for my Gelert compact double burner with grill – this did pose a mild problem and I could not find a supplier of camping gas, anywhere.

Of note for those looking to take a days excursions, directional signage is not a forté of Cavan County Council and in search of another lake, via its sign postings, I got lost and stumbled across Mullach Lough, not such a bad result in the end for that day I will admit.

In summary, I like Lough Ramor Camp site. Highly recommended if you love your fishing, light boating or you are simply looking for a relaxing weekend away.

email: loughramor@eircom.net

lough ramor camping

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  1. John - 30 years a camping enthusiast
    John - 30 years a camping enthusiast says:

    Dear Peter,

    we visited lough ramor camping site July 2011. I will agree that it was clean and the views extremely pretty.

    But we left after just 2 nights. there were a large group of adults (maybe 20 or thereabouts) there with there children who fuelled with alcohol into the very early hours just ran amuk during our stay. We did not sleep at all. What was, was nothing short of disgraceful but on both days we did say this to the site manager. and although we waited until the morning after day 1 nothing happened.

    I know one can be equally blessed or slightly unfortunate when it comes to any neighbouring scenario but nothing at all was done. It happens in camping sometimes. Arfter 30 years tenting i accept it will happen but a good camping site mangager will deall with the issue as promptly as is possible.

    Lough Ramor is all of the good things you say it is. But as you have asked in some of your site reviews would i revisit ? The answer is No. Never.

    I hope very much this does not deter any campers and their enthusiasm. Might I add I am enjoying your wild camping experiments in the Wicklow wilds so much so our camping excursion calender will start this February. Inspiration comes from even the most unsual sources sometimes.

    Yours Faithfully

  2. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:


    I cannot argue with your point put across. One that you have it seems, tried to put across in a very balanced manor.
    You won’t in anyway deter me from camping.
    All the best with the next 30 years,


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