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There are times and gardens when I get to create works of absolute pure genius that are so very special within your space that it makes what I do feel like the perfect poetry, or rock and roll or whatever it might be that makes the hairs on the back of your neck tingle. Here, for all of the right reasons, it was far kinder that I didn’t create the Peter Donegan Memorial garden picture postcard. I’ll get to just why in a minute….

Dark strong lines, bright non rounded pebble and an absolute beauty of a plant shopping list. I loved making this garden for so many reasons. Top of the pile ? Is when you get to the end and you look back and see what it used to look like.

Before I go any further, here’s the before I got my hands it garden image.

before garden pic2

From a garden design perspective and salt air selection in mind, what was imperative with the choosing and placing of every single plant was the doubled view from inside the home looking out, as well as from within the garden. Because really what any great garden should do is attract you outside first and then, make you stay there longer, as if you were cocooned within some sort of photosynthetic Tír na Nóg, if you get me.

Like when I would sit with that girl from Heidelberg I used to go out with, when my hair was long and I thought she looked like Nena who sang 99 Red Baloons. And I was always late home because time and everything else that was logic was never even a remote consideration. And we could get into The Rock Garden. And I’d made her a cassette of all of our songs that were sometimes played there. And I honestly don’t know why she popped into my head, but she did. And gardens in mind and you get what I’m saying, right. Right ? Right.

The prettier side of garden making in mind and the delicate bit, or the reason why this garden did not need to become a Peter Donegan Memorial garden as referred to earlier ? That would be the view from the gate located at the bottom left of the garden…. And how illogic would it have been of me to even attempt to over shadow that view ?

To the the plant kingdom, you’ll notice the use of very close neighbours of the colour wheel where much variegated planting meets a similar colour of flowering plant; Rudbeckias, Robinia pseudoacacia frisia, kniphofia ‘bees lemon’ and Choiya ternata Sundance for example all perfectly placed within the same planting area; with just the odd touch of for example, burning red flower by way of Crocosmia Lucifer.

In stark contrast against that, the beds are edged in black old timbers, imperfectly laid intentionally; because brand spanking new and exact symmetry would very simply, in this case, have looked so very out of place.

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