The Honesty Bucket

I passed this in Ballyboughal on my way home on Saturday. A slightly different way to sell your fruit and vegetable produce maybe, but one that really made me smile.

fruit vegetable selling fruit veg local

I like it.

honesty bucket

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  1. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    Hi John,

    long time no see. 😉

    In a world that seems en mass reliant on mass media channels, this is something that most likely isn’t going to make the big news. That said it is more than refreshing to see.

    It was there as I drove by on Saturday. It was also there as I was out walking on the Sunday. I’ll gather therefore the tried and tested method works.

    More than that, it seems to be becoming a little chatting post as well as a really happy/ positive talking point.

    I love it. 😀
    hope all is well mate

  2. John Keyes
    John Keyes says:

    I saw this on an episode of River Cottage a few years ago and remarked “I wonder would that work in Ireland?”. Nice to see that someone has tried.

  3. John Keyes
    John Keyes says:

    Hey Peter. Oh I think it’s a great idea, especially for in a small community setting. Trust and honesty are too easily dismissed in our world, it’s nice to see some belief in them still.

    Things are grand BTW, thanks for asking.

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