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I’ll update this after The Social Media Means Business Conference


Today I spoke at The Social Media Means Business conference. It took place in Tallaght stadium inassociation with South Dublin Chamber of Commerce and South Dublin County Council. My topic to cover was not gardening as such, but podcasting.

The above audio was played as a demonstration of sound and the varying types that may help to tell a story.

Whilst in the stadium I did two sample audioboo’s. The first of those was with Maria who was serving tea and coffee to the 200 approximate strong audience on their tea break.


The second, was Michelle Tighe chosen at random to show just how fast audio can [now] be published to the web, how little work it takes to do so and just why it doesn’t take up a lot, if any of my working time.


Thank you so much to all those who attended for listening to me 😉 and also to Krishna and the team for inviting me to speak.


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