Mornington House

On Saturday 4th June I visited Mornington House and had the honour to meet with Warwick and Anne O’Hara.

As versus arriving in order to report, the invitation was to come for tea. I felt it only proper conduct to record my thoughts after my visit. I have of course interviewed Anne I believe three times now…. 😉


At the point of my first interview with Anne O’Hara, I noted

Whilst there has been a house at Mornington since the early 17th century, it has been home to The O’Hara family since 1858. Steeped in history, this is to date, for me one of the most intriguing and most most probably the easiest and finest interviews I have ever done, in my life

This tree sits opposite the front door

Like I said in the audio, this is a home – not a [state owned] house. There is a big difference.

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  1. Solkor
    Solkor says:

    Making your home look beautiful is the most satisfying feeling in the world next to love. Mornington home is one of the homes where it has been beautifully done. Having that home would make you very happy to live in.

  2. Bngr
    Bngr says:

    Funny listening to your phone conversation. I’d love to go back to those white bonnets and corsets and afternoon tea. Will you take me back there Peter? go on.

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