Greensax Compostable Bin Liners

I got a bag full [see what I did there 😉 ] of the Greensax range in the post this week.

first, two things of note:

  • They’re an Irish engineered and developed product on the go since 1992
  • The greensax bags break down in composting within 10-14 days

This is why it gets a post here on my blog, all to itself. I love it. Love it, love it, love it!

They do all of the sizes from the 13 litre wee kitchen compost bin all the way to the large 240 litre brown wheelie bin – and they fit – which means you can throw your veg peelings, still in the bag straight on the compost heap. Now that’s logic.

More information over on

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  1. Grannymar
    Grannymar says:

    In 2008 our local council provided every household with a food caddy and a supply of corn starch bags to line it. The caddy is for all food waste raw and cooked. skins, scrapings from the plate etc. Once full, the bags are tied and added to the compost bin and it is emptied every second week.

    We now have a tag to attach to the bin when we need a new supply of the corn starch bags.

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