Ballyboughal Hedgerow Round – Slí na Sceacha

When I first heard about the Hedgerow Society, I have to honestly admit, I did kind of think of think to myself….. ye what….?! Some big bunch of hippy nutters, pretty much.

But I had been brewing on doing something for the Garden Group like this for some time and when on Sunday [may 22nd ’11] the opportunity came up to go on an outing…. a trial run for the Garden Groupeee’s, I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised.

More than that, for those who are into it, after aking on the twitter, I set myself up on the Run Keeper iphone app just to see what results came out of it. From chatting about it seems 415 calories is just one advantage to doing this 5 kilometre easy going stroll through some of Irelands unseen lands, nature and landmarks that pre date the 18 century.

My guide for the day was a lady called Ann Lynch who is the Secretary of the Hedgerow Society, a professional tour guide and an absolute lady with a delightful sense of humour. Journey wise, it was an absolute honour and a very interesting journey through, up and over lands that although not that far away from me [and you], I knew very little about. I’m slightly the wiser now.

and part 2

Also, these are just some of the images I managed to snap on my journey.

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  1. renee malone
    renee malone says:

    Great account of the day and beautiful photos. Delighted to know about the additional bonus of 415 calorie loss on completing the Sli na Sceacha
    Renee –

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