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On Sunday just past, I went to Airside Retail Park to buy some interior fixings for my house. It being Sunday the independent hardware stores were closed and my brain being that of a gardener, I ended up popping into the garden centre sections, as I do of any store I visit. I was also on my usual quest to support Irish products

Here’s how my journey went, in audio. It may sound a bit non-gardening…. but it all [hopefully] will make sense by the time you get to end. It’s starts in the car park of Airside Retail Park

I then moved onto B and Q and then Woodies DIY store…


Here’s my thoughts on closing….

The reason for the Malones cleaning products image is that I got a package in recently from Malones with some lovely samples of their products as you can see. Their labels at the bottom say that they are the greener cleaner and just underneath their Malones logo it says est Ireland 1902. Green, Irish, chemical free… it’s ticking all the boxes.

The letter that came attached tells me Malones is a brand protecting Irish jobs, homes and family members including pets! As a by the way they are also chemical free and safe to use around Liz’s children. That would be Liz Waters the MD of Malones.

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  1. LizWaters
    LizWaters says:

    Thank you for the post Peter, delighted we’re ticking the boxes.

    Love your blog and website – could do with your skills in my garden!

    Thanks again.

  2. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    Hi Liz,

    thank you for the selection of product samples and hope you don’t mind my photography skills. 😉
    Love the bees wax. Love the packaging. Love it! But in fairness, the reason you’re ticking the boxes apart from a great product, is because it says it on the label – irish and green. Very simple, extremely logic, very well done and the credit for that goes to you and the Malones team. 🙂

    thanks for commenting and chat soon,

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