Dead Palm Trees

It seems Ireland took what can only be described as a great battering by the elements over the course of the last 18 months. The country aside, the after affects in the plant department are still extremely evident and in particular what we know as the seaside range of plants including palm trees and grass plants seems to have been hit worst.

Many people I have spoke to have held off in the hope that the plant may return… but as I have said before one cannot make a plant cell un-dead. That said, I was very surprised in one garden I was in recently to see this….

The two most common types of plants that I have seen hit in Irish gardens are that of the Cordyline [usually Cordyline australis] and also the Phormium. Others have included the Phoenix carienensis, the Dicksonia antartica and also, though not as bad en mass the Trachycarpis.

What has happened in a few cases is that the plant has started to give sprouts from the base. The Cordyline will usually do this anyway, but this normally happens part way up its main trunk when its growth pattern is going as it normally should, which is great if you want to take its height down a level and let the side shoot take over as leader.

The question I guess is do you want to wait to see if yours will send out some shoots and if like this one it has… do you want to wait for them to re-develop back into the tree it maybe once was and maybe might become again.

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