Different Flowers On Your Fruit Tree ?

A query came in via twitter thanks to @Carolewelan and @Psneeze that I thought may be worth sharing:

@DoneganGardens? RT @jennyfoxe Can anyone explain why our tree has two completely different blossoms on it?

This image was attached:

I replied:

can’t see all of tree, but appears as tho shoots are coming from the base of the tree. Most apples are… grafted. ie. The bottom/ rootstock joined to stem from n entirely diff tree joined. Simply prune off. brutal video – but visual may explain better 🙂

I like Jenny’s response:

@DoneganGardens I think it’s cherries. We’re going to leave it. I like its freakishness. Thanks 🙂

To which I should and could only reply:

@jennyfoxe freakishness not great for the main plant, i only provide the info. however your tree makes you smile *is* the best option 🙂

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