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A Closer Look At The Moon, The Stars & Saturn

I had heard that todays moon was supposed to be the brightest for a long time. So on Sunday night [today as I write] when my good friend Philip text me to come down and look at some stars.I did.

What resulted was nothing short of, for me, quite phenomenol.

The above image was taken with my iPhone4 through Philips telescope, a Nexstar 11. I also asked Philip about the brightest moon, [in the second audio piece] what is actually known as super perigee.


For the sake of the blog post, his is what the moon looked like last night, normal view.

The audio, images and video went out on real time on twitter, audioboo and youtube as we found the various stars we didn’t expect to see. This second audio piece is very different from the intended, first audio.


We delved and adjusted a little deeper and found this to be the best image of the moons surface.

But for the craic, Philip decided to see if we could find Saturn. Considering what we had to hand, the images aren’t world class by any means… but then I’d never seen saturn or the moon with my own two eyes before.

We did record it on video, it’s not the greatest but what can I say… it’s not half bad either.

I felt a little audio was necessary to close and just to explain what to me is something very, very new. But also something extremely interesting.


This is the equipment we used.The red box [image 2] can be programmed to automatically track a particular star, planet or cluster and is about the size of a remote control for a tv. It’s in red [like a photograpgy darkroom] so as not to affect your night vision.

Interested and want to find out more. Already into astronomy and know were one can find out more, just leave a comment below. Big thanks to Phil. We had some tea and jam scones after 😉

Why is this on my garden blog ? In short, any body who stands in a garden, in the great outdoors that late at night deserves… well… there you go… 😉

I Enjoyed that.

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