Growing Your Own [Seeds] On A Budget

I spoke with Philip Voice on Fridays SodShow about how growing your own, although often sold with the attached tagline ‘and save yourself money’, it can sometimes prove more expensive than actually buying the finished product in the most expensive supermarket.

To this an email came in quite promptly after asking, in short, that I prove my worth, so to speak. Fair enough and I agree rightly so, I should give both sides of the tale.

As the video very simply explains these are just you average builders cavity blocks. I’ve decided to grow beetroot in mine. I planted two seeds in each. One for the slug, one for me. What more can I say….

Any questions thoughts or comments… simply leave a comment below.

also: This post may also prove of interest for growing more delicate seeds

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  1. Dee Sewell
    Dee Sewell says:

    Great idea Peter. I saw a picture recently where somebody had used a bit of unused wavern pipe (plastic tube for drains). They’d clamped it to a wall, filled it with compost and made holes in the side to grow strawberries. Needs must…

  2. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    Hiya Dee,

    and thanks. very happy sunny memories of my dad doing this for us every year.
    wavin is the brand – based up the road from me in balbriggan 😉
    never tried it but a great idea.

    chat soon.

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