Spam call: MediaExperts@Europe.Com Phone 0033172300830

Today I got a call from telephone number 0033172300830

The person spoke in a foreign to me accent and told me I had taken out an advertisement last year. I haven’t advertised in about 9 years, if ever. He also said he spoke to my receptionist. I wish I had one. But I haven’t had a ‘person to answer the phone’ for about 3 too many years.

I explained I had no receptionist. In a forceful voice which became louder and very angry I was asked repeatedly if I was calling him a liar.

The voice also said they had tried to send me a fax. My fax machine hasn’t operated in a long time either. As I dont have one.

The phone rang 6 times non stop and eventually an email cam in from the address MediaExperts @ Europe . Com. There is no writing in the email. Just a link with the following PDF

I also put the number into google and came up with this link to who calls me. It seems I’m not the only one to get the calls. From a quick google of the email address this link was the one that came up first.

I was asked at one point to sign the form and return it by fax to cancel my order. I’m no Columbo – but that would make it an order and an agreement, would it not ?

For fear of anyone else getting a bill for €1,398 for something they dont even know about – and as this blog is the only means of letting others know/ find out of I’m the only one, unfortunately possibly, I’m publishing the story here.

I asked a legal friend of mine for their thoughts. I got the following response:

Ignore ignore ignore. Dodgy. No harm reporting what happened.

Offer & acceptance makes a contract. All that’s missing is the consideration (money). They could possibly use it to chase u

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  1. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:


    the amount of emails, calls and texts i have got telling me about this is phenomenol. One or two in particluar telling me it was featured on the Joe Duffy show last year when Irish schools were being targeted. But whether its the same scam or not I don’t know.

    I’ve done my bit now. Seems more than one has alreasy been caught by the sounds of things.

    best wishes

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