No Rushes Makes St. Brigid[s] Cross ?

A phone call came to me this morning from Mary a good friend and coincidentally my very first client.

We’re supposed to be making St Brigids Crosses with the children on Sunday and we simply can’t find a supply of rushes. We have a lady who will be showing the children how to… but we just have no rushes to make them with…

Religious or not, knowing how to make a St Brigids Cross is, to me a definitive I was born pre 1980 therefore I am Irish [that makes me smile] type statement 😉 One friend I spoke to told me…..

knowing what the St. Brigids cross is, is like knowing what Atlantic 252 was… at least it was for me in 80’s Ireland anyways

Without dwelling on it too much….  It is suggested the frost has had an adverse affect on stocks. For now Mary needs our help.

  • needs a decent supply.
  • willing to buy them.
  • based in North Dublin.
  • doesn’t have the time to go pick them herself.
  • needs to know as soon as possible that she can have them.
  • As in this week
  • enough for about 50-60 crosses

image and more information courtesy wikipedia

Any information, help or suggestions [anything at all] ?

  • leave a comment below
  • email

UPDATE 3rd February 2011:

I got this email in from Mary

Sunday went very well. Our PP blessed the crosses made from pipecleaners and the older folks nearly killed each other to get at them. The younger children were happy to try
and make their own with the art straws I had. 45 gone in about 2 minutes! We had just four proper crosses made with the few reeds we had and we decorated the altar with those.

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  1. Dee Sewell
    Dee Sewell says:

    Good post Peter – I’ll share the request.

    A friend of mine was surprised to see a St Brigit’s cross in our hallway knowing that we’re not religious. I loved the celtic stories of Brigit the goddess, of whom St Brigit acquired many attributes.

    I once read that the Irish so easily took to the Christian faith because they recognised the trinity as the sacred trio that they were familiar with. She’s a trinity herself – the source of fertility, abundance, of all life within nature. She’s also the patron saint of poets. Perfect for Ireland! (source Celebrating Irish Festivals by Ruth Marshall, Hawthorn Press 2003)

  2. Ezarah
    Ezarah says:

    I make crosses every year with my kiddies! I provide our whole school with rushes!
    Pass on my email address and I’ll get you rushes next year. No problem.

  3. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:


    standing ovation from this chap! well done you 😀
    can i ask you if you thought the rushes were worse this year or not ?
    will pass your email onto Mary tomorrow.

    I love it when this happens on the blog 🙂
    happy now – and thanks again. best,


  4. Ezarah
    Ezarah says:

    Ah now they weren’t great but a rush is a rush is a rush. Cut off the brown bits at the ends and it’s fine 😀

    Glad to help 😀

  5. Rosaleen
    Rosaleen says:

    Hi Peter
    Do you by any chance still have Ezarah’s email address. I’m trying to get some rushes for a kids craft class at my shop and can’t.


  6. Peter Donegan
    Peter Donegan says:

    Hi Rosaleen,

    unfortunately I don’t have Ezarah’s email address.
    security stuff an’ all that jazz. Tend not to hold onto them/ you know yourself.

    Sorry 🙁 You might keep me posted on how you get on. I’m sure there are others in a similar position.
    Best and happy new year

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